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Anne Sigrid Urstad-Farrell, 27
Certified Lifecoach
Raised in Norway but resides in the United States.

«People are my biggest passion, and my dream is to help people help themselves work through life‘s obstacles, find inner peace, and to reach their goals and dreams»

What is relevant for you to know about me?

I asked myself this question many times. I believe that what you should know is WHY I became a Certified Lifecoach.

So here we go. Ever since I was introduced to psychology in high school, I've been searching for growth. That doesn't make me a person that necessarily spends every second outside my comfort zone, but it made me long for more. In my early twenties I traveled the world, and my perspective on the world rapidly changed. I was introduced to open-mindedness, and clearly realized that my own belief systems was purely, well, my own.

A year later I attended Hawaii Pacific University to study Psychology. Again I was surrounded by a multitude of different cultures and people. I studied the brain, human behavior, conducted research and read an endless amount of self-improvement books. What a soul-fulfilling three years.

Which way to go now? I moved back to Norway and received a Master's degree in HR. For the longest time I wanted to become a psychologist, but it never really worked out. Until this day I can't put my finger on how exactly I got introduced to lifecoaching. So let's say that faith made it fall on my lap.

Here we are, it's 2021 and I'm a Certified Lifecoach living in a van together with my husband and our dog Nib in the US. In my backpack I carry with me over 10 years of working in healthcare with everything from schizophrenia to dementia, to sex-offenders. I carry a unique multicultural perspective, with over 100 hours of coaching experience. I'm at my best when I'm helping people grow, and my heart longs for humans to see that their limited beliefs can be made into something beautiful. I believe in growth, and I believe in purpose-driven lives. I believe that there is more for you, the same way that there is more for me.

Urstad Coaching was established for ALL PEOPLE. It is a safe place to grow and be encouraged. My vision for this company is so much more than just a company. I envision a community of people that come together with an open mind to learn, grow and feel included. We've seen the numbers of people that are struggling during the pandemic, and I believe there's never been a time as important as now to train our brain.


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