Why Accountability Matters

Why accountability matters There are many different scenarios for why a person has someone that holds him or her accountable. It might be due to addiction or workout regimes. Or just to make a positive change. I can’t say I have years of marriage experience to go off on, but in a healthy marriage you do become more refined. You have someone that walks along side you, that gently tells you about your blind spots, and encourage you to work on them. At least, that’s how its been for me.

From we learn to walk and until we graduate high school we are held accountable, some more than others. Teachers, parents and coaches have expectations. But what happens once we’re fully responsible of our own life? Sure, we’re held accountable by our boss, but what about all the other choices we make or should/shouldn’t make. Some find a community through a hobby, others through their beliefs. You might have a best friend that holds houses accountable, or a significant other. Regardless, the people we surround ourselves around are determining factors for who we become even if we like it or not. Who’s your 5 closest friends?

However, you’re not surrounded by your buddies. 24/7. What about those other choices you make. The choices concerning the way you talk to yourself, the choices you make to your health. Are you allowing someone in, to walk alongside you, to cheer on you and keep you accountable? It can be stressful in school, you might have sports every day, homework, midterms and the stressor of fitting in. As we grow older, we still want to fit it, but we are being held less accountable, and we don’t HAVE to do PT anymore. We can watch whatever we want on the internet, and candy can be available at any hour of the day. Making good choices is aligned with responsibility. Responsibility is also taking accountability. Between high school and college I had three gap years. I didn’t have any homework or presentations to prep for. I was less sharp than I was in school, and in my eyes I had become way too comfortable. As I started to receive more accountability in my life again, it helped me make better choices.

What is my point? Making good choices can be easy when you’re motivated, but for the rest of the time, its hard to stand alone. Having someone, a friend, spouse, or a professional as an accountability partner is a great way to grow. I’ve experience growth much more rapidly when you have someone that is holding you accountable, because its harder to fall and stay in the pit. They help you pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

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