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All testimonials are from 2021

Testimonials: Testimonials

Sessions with Anne have been enlightening and reassuring. Her strong and rational personality has helped me find my strength and confidence. I used to easily get emotional over many issues and rarely saw things with clarity. With Anne I was able to learn how to apply clarity and logic without getting emotional. Thank you Anne for all your help.


Talking with Anne as my life coach, has helped me overcome obstacles and strengthen myself in a short amount of time. Talking to a life coach has helped me take control and work on my goals. These conversations really make you look at things with a different perspective. Talking to a life coach made me different, one day I was beyond many obstacles, three months later many goals has already been achieved and the other goals is much closer.


My life has truly changed for the better since I began life coaching with Annie. We started at time in my life where I had dreams for myself, but didn’t even think about trying to pursue them out of fear. She shifted my perspective on success and dreams and has challenged me to question the reasoning behind some of my limiting beliefs. The way Annie coaches is supportive, encouraging, challenging and highly effective. I always leave our sessions with some sort of revelation about myself that I carry into my week. When I talk to Annie it feels like I’m putting her inside my brain because I’ll go through my thinking aloud and she will put into clearer words what is going on. She asks good questions that make you think about your why and it’s made me want to be and in turn has made me more intentional with how I live my life. I would highly recommend life coaching with Annie to anyone who feels stuck and is willing to do the work! She's a great listener too.


Annie and I met in college and have remained in touch since we both graduated. I saw that Annie was offering 4 free life coaching sessions and became curious. To be honest I was a bit skeptical at first. I coaching, who needs that? Let me tell you after experiencing her sessions...EVERYONE! Our first session I laid everything out. I had SO many ideas, so many plans, thoughts, and interests that quite frankly overwhelmed me. I just didn’t know which way I should go. I needed clarity and didn’t know how to get it. Annie helped me so much! We practiced different  exercises, she gave excellent advice, and always made sure to repeat to make sure she understood. I also had homework after each session which I believe led me to even more clarity.

My analogy is this...I came to her with a an unkept garden but session by session she helped me pull the weeds, clear my path, plant my ideas, and gave me the tools I needed to water my creativity to have my dreams bloom. 

Truthfully, if I didn’t take these sessions I’d still be mulling over taking a 50k loan out for grad school instead of pursuing my passion of opening my own mosaic business which I am in the works of currently!


"I started having coaching sessions with Annie after I had become stressed and pessimistic about finding a job in the country I live where  I do not master the local language. My negative feelings and loss of faith in my skills were magnified also by the pandemic restrictions. Annie managed to repackage my confusing thoughts about work and life in general in a way that added meaning and helped me see things with clarity. Through her timely interventions, right-to-the-point questions, and great listening skills I managed to become again confident about my abilities and be able to focus my actions on what really is important to me. Annie's positive and sensible approach has enabled me to identify my strengths and has helped me in gaining back my optimism based on specific actions that I decided to follow. Annie is a unique, dedicated, and great professional and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a career or life coach".


I was coached by Annie on several topics - from self-confidence to career move and even relationships.

Annie really makes it easy to open up. She understands the different struggles and the experiences she shares are very relatable and useful.

Her background in psychology and as a mentor is icing on the cake as she takes advantage of them beautifully.

At the end of the sessions, I either gained clarity or felt empowered to take actions towards my goals.

And for those who are familiar with parts, she did an amazing job helping me work through these.

In short, working with Annie has been a great growth experience!


I am so grateful for the coaching I received from Annie! What a woman, and what a conversationalist. I was looking forward to every Monday for our session together. I felt that I was able to relieve som pressure and stress as well as putting my thoughts into boxes more systematically. Our session had a positive vibe, and a safe atmosphere. I will bring with me what I learned in our sessions in my daily life, and I hope we can have more coaching together.
You inspire to try new things!


Working with Anne has helped me turn my insecurities into assets and also made me brave enough to overcome my limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.
Anne is encouraging, motivating, and inspiring, and she always asks straightforward, professional questions that are on-point and come at the right time. Her open and kind personality made me feel really comfortable and supported and I truly love working with her.


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